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FAQs: How Does This All Work, Anyway?

What made you decide to become a motivational speaker?
To be honest, many employers did not see how they could hire a person who was blind, deaf and does not speak using his voice. After giving a speech to the Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities it was suggested that I become a motivational speaker. I decided to give it a try and now feel that this is the job I was truly meant to do.

How can you motivate my group, employees, staff, etc.?
You learn my message that says “Don't give up your goal. Try to work harder, as you have the chance to be successful.”

How do you communicate with customers and others when you and your interpreters are not with them?
I find that I can communicate very effectively via e-mail.

How do you write your speeches?
Although I am legally blind, I use the computer for e-mail and to write my speeches. “Zoom Text” on the computer enlarges the type so I can see it. I can also type my speeches on the computer and print them out in Braille format so I can practice. I use my own ideas and ideas other people give me as I write my speeches.

Why do you have two interpreters during a speech?
One interpreter interprets my American Sign Language for the audience. The other interpreter provides audience feedback, such as laughter or applause, to me so that I know to pause and wait.

How can I book a speech?
You can contact me directly via e-mail or you can contact my sales manager, George Finn, at (937) 645-6771 or

How much do you charge for a speech?
My current fee for speeches not requiring overnight travel is $300.00 for a one hour presentation, plus interpreter fees and transportations. Fees for a speech requiring overnight travel would be negotiated based on distance.

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