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Mr. Bryan Grubb is a motivational speaker who truly knows the importance of motivation and how it relates directly to success in both professional and personal endeavors.

Bryan was born with Usher’s Syndrome. Deaf from birth, over time he also lost most of his sight and is now legally blind. Before returning home to Marysville, Ohio, he had held Information Technology positions with Xerox, IBM and the Internal Revenue Service.

Although retired from the IRS, he still wanted to work and make a contribution. However, he found returning to the work force a significant challenge. Asked to give a speech on his life experiences to a local disability service organization, he was at first hesitant. Nevertheless, he decided to give the talk and it was at that speech that someone suggested he become a motivational speaker.

BRG Motivational Solutions was born on that day. Mr. Grubb provides a unique, unforgettable motivational experience that your audience will not soon forget. Bryan teaches all how each one of us can make a difference every single day!   

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